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The Pros

Our surfers love the Jessie because they feel so secure in it. In the Jessie, you never feel like you are sliding around and losing your balance when paddling because the fabric stays with your body, even on the chest where the Jessie is lined. The lining on the chest also means that you stay decent even when the water or the air (along with certain body parts) get nippy.

Most importantly, you don’t have to worry about flashing or mooning the rest of the lineup in the Jessie. Our Jessie-wearing surfers love that they can immediately get back on the board after a wipeout and paddle over or to the next set (and avoid taking those sets on the head as a result of spending time re-adjusting their surfwear to make sure they’re not getting back on their boards naked). This peace of mind is thanks to how secure and endlessly adjustable the straps are on top. The Jessie’s retro bottom cut helps avoid wipeout wedgies, is modest without being frumpy, and evokes a Gidget-era nostalgia and style. One Jessie convert said: “I can think of only one epic wipeout where I came close to flashing the lineup, so the Jessie is now my go-to one-piece in big waves. The bottoms on the Jessie are also super forgiving even when you skip a bikini wax!” Many of our surfers noted that the Jessie + the Lulu rashguard combo was the best (i.e. most secure and most flattering/feminine and most sun-protective and most comfortable) surfwear outfit they have found to date.

The Cons

Some of our ladysliders noted that the keyhole can let water in between the fabric and torso when wiping out or duck diving, which sometimes creates drag. Our more generously-endowed amigas might find that a little underboob can occasionally peek through the keyhole. If you have a large cup size, also be aware that the top is cut low and may expose more décolletage than you’d expect for an otherwise modestly-cut suit. For a few surfers with larger cup sizes and narrower torsos that need to tie the straps very tight, the fabric and seams on the sides of the rib cage don’t always lay perfectly flat but can create flaps that stick out depending on whether they are standing or sitting.

The Fit

Our surfers noted that the Jessie runs true to fit or slightly large. For online buyers, one of our surfers advised: “While the bottoms are pretty roomy on me (but not baggy per se, and they stay put like a charm), the fabric coverage over my boobs is more minimal and cut low. I wear the Jessie in a medium, whereas I usually buy a small bikini top and medium bikini bottom, so sizing expectations should be adjusted accordingly.” A few surfers with long torsos that typically wear bikinis in XS or S noted that the torso on the Jessie and the Fran was short on them. Because of that, they sized up so that the Jessie fits over their chests the way it’s supposed to.

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