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The Pros

Our surfers rave that the Fran is one of the most flattering, functional, and feminine one-pieces they’ve ever tried on. One mommy surfer calls the Fran her “Hot Moms Only” suit: she wears it all the time (even when not surfing) and her friends are always complimenting how sexy and slim she looks. The Fran is so universally flattering because the lining at the bottom of the bust complements the smallest part of the waist, the V-neck bustline also helps create a slim-waisted silhouette, and the V-cut bottoms elongate your legs. As a result, the Fran is elegant and seductive without being risqué – and it performs in the surf to boot. The bottoms, in particular, fit like a glove and stay put on the most petite to the most bootylicious of buns. As such, in the Fran, you don’t have to worry about getting burnt along the edges of your suit where the seams move and expose areas where you didn’t apply sunscreen. Though the Fran on its own is not the big-wave suit the Jessie is, like the Jessie, many of our surfers noted that the Francela + the Lulu rashguard combo was the best (most secure and most flattering/feminine and most sun-protective and most comfortable) surf outfit they have found to date.

The Cons

Because of the triangle top and fixed crossback, the Fran is not quite as secure on top as the Jessie. So, while it is perfect for playing in relaxed longboarding waves, our surfers would not recommend surfing in it without a rashguard (like the Lulu) during the biggest or heaviest swells. Like the Jessie, a few surfers found that when the straps are tied very tight, the seams and fabric on the sides sometimes pucker on the sides instead of laying flush with the torso. One thing to note, which our surfers found more amusing than bothersome, is that when the Fran gets wet, it can become more “form-fitting,” specifically in that it sticks to your body so well that it enunciates the curve of your buttcheeks (perhaps yet another reason the Fran is so sexy)!

The Fit

Our surfers found that the Fran generally runs true to size. If you have a large cup size, you may want to order one size up for more coverage – the adjustable straps will still allow you to tighten the suit so that you feel secure. Similarly, if you have a longer torso, you may want to order one size up to ensure that the band sits right under the bustline and the girls are fully contained.

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