We are really proud of the fabric we use because it will make you and the environment happy.

Our surfsuits are all made of a sustainable Italian lycra, which is composed of Econyl® and LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™. Econyl®, in turn, is 100% made of post-consumer nylon waste (such as old fishing nets, fluff from nylon carpets, industrial plastic wastes, yarn discards and fabric scrap), via a radical process that produces a high ratio of nylon output vs. waste input and which allows for infinite regeneration without loss in quality. The end product, Econyl® recycled polyamide filament, is not only sustainable – which we love—but also extremely smooth, soft, and more compact than traditional swimsuit materials. The addition of the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ creates the beautiful, durable, and functional Italian lycra that we use. Tests against typical swimsuit fabrics show that our Italian lycra better maintains fit and tensile strength, and is dramatically slower to deteriorate due in part to its resistant to fiber breakage, chlorine, and sunscreen damage.

You can see why we are so proud of our suits. We have totally nerded out and not only engineered designs that we believe will facilitate your surfing, but we’ve used materials that take trash out of the environment and are way softer and stronger than suits you have tried on before. Plus, we think our suits will make you look hella good.