Surfer Feedback
The Pros

Our surfers say the Marine simply looks and feels great. The Marine is sleek, understated yet provocative, and universally flattering. It lifts and shows off your boobs in the classiest possible way. When surfing, our surfers said the double-lined Marine locks the girls in through most situations, thanks to the straps that allow you to comfortably adjust the Marine as tight as you need. The Marine’s unique cut and style takes the regular little black bikini top to a whole new level, and our surfers say the Marine draws attention and compliments wherever they go.

The Cons

The Marine does not provide as much coverage as the Erika and, compared to the Erika, when duckdiving gnarlier bombs, there is more of a danger that a nipple will escape. The low scoop cut also means that our surfers can feel at risk of unwanted exposure even when they’re not, so at first they found themselves checking often to ensure they weren’t unwittingly providing a free show. While the fact that the Marine is so adjustable is a blessing, tying the Marine very tight can make the keyhole look a little stretched out and may result in a some underboob-peekage.

The Fit

Again, because of the Marine’s almost infinite adjustability, we have a surfer who typically wears tops in a size small but wears and loves the Marine in a large. Because the Marine is cut low in a relatively wide arc above your cleavage, if you want to be more covered up, have a larger cup size, or nipples that sit higher, we recommend you size up.

Marine Top
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