Surfer Feedback
The Pros

For most of our surfers, the Laura is their favorite free-surfing bottom, and they are constantly checking each other out (often with wolf whistles) in it. One of them gushed: “I just love how all the girls look in the Laura, even though we’re all different shapes, and how it shows a little butt without looking trashy.” Many of them noticed that the Laura somehow manages to lift your butt, even though the back is cut minimally and allows some cheek to peek through. Moreover, our surfers know that the Laura will stay on thanks to the side-tie, and tearing is not a concern thanks to the double lining. They’ve tried the Laura in big waves and never had slippage problems and have never – heaven forbid—come up for air only to discover that their bottoms were around their leash instead of their ass! Our surfers feel safer because the Laura has actual bands of fabric around the sides and not just flimsy little strings that could snap off. They also loooove that the Laura seems pretty wedgie-proof. As with the Daniela, the Laura is wider between the legs than most other bikini bottoms and our surfers have quickly become zealous converts of this extra width… crotch-coverage is not something you should ever compromise on (sunburn really hurts there!).

The Cons

Especially if you have a fuller heinie, just know that the Laura was not meant to cover all of it. We think the Laura looks great on butts of all ages, shapes and sizes, but if you prefer a more modest cut in the back, the Daniela is more your jam.

The Fit

The Laura tends to run a little small. Especially if you want a little more coverage in the back and/or if you are between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

Laura Bottom
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