Surfer Feedback
The Pros

Our surfers love the Lulu—our surf instructors especially say they wear the Lulu every day for sun protection while teaching lessons. These ladies gush that the Lulu’s ladylike neckline is attractive and not at all tight or claustrophobic. They also say the set-in sleeve seams are immeasurably more feminine and flattering than the traditional raglan ‘baseball-tee’ cut, which tends to make surfer-girl shoulders look even broader. Though the Lulu is looser around the hips, the fit on top means that it doesn’t ride up too much (and certainly not over your head, as some of the new, very loose rashguard fashions will do). Our surfers also love the Lulu’s soft material, and have not complained of any chafing or rubbing (with one exception noted below in the "Con" tab). As an added bonus, one of our surfers noted that since she started wearing the Lulu, her hands look much better: the Lulu’s thumbholes cover the tops of your hands and dramatically reduce the amount of sun damage on that part of your body. Another of our surfers regularly stashes a bar of wax between the thumbhole and inner forearm of her Lulu for emergency re-applications!

The Cons

Our surfers with relatively longer arms commented that the thumbholes start to rub and become uncomfortable between their thumb and pointer fingers after paddling in the Lulu for too long. And some surfers prefer the traditional, really tight rashguard (that may scream muffintop for the rest of us) because the Lulu can shift up a little bit due to the looser fit around the bottom. Finally, if you have a really big surf watch, the Lulu may not fit very well over it because the sleeves are relatively fitted.

The Fit

Our surfers found that the Lulu runs true to size. Note that, as per the above, if you have long arms, the thumbholes may cause some irritation at some point during a long session.

Lulu Rashguard
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