Surfer Feedback
The Pros

When asked about surfing in the Erika, our surfers’ responded with: “It’s PERFECT.” These chargers are adamant that the Erika does not move and enables them to feel totally secure even in the biggest waves and most vicious wipeouts. For many of our surfers, the Erika is their all-around favorite piece in our whole collection. They love how the Erika looks as well as how it surfs. In particular, many of them commented that the way the Erika is shaped around the shoulders and neck accentuates their clavicles and actually makes their surfer-shoulders look smaller and more feminine than skimpier bikini tops. They also love the design in the back, which is distinctive, flattering, and functional to the nth degree. Most of our surf chicas have found themselves wearing the Erika to run, work out, and do yoga (the Erika looks really good paired with yoga pants). The Erika’s full coverage not only guarantees your boobs will never stray, it also provides sun protection on your chest, where the skin is sensitive and too much sunscreen (especially mixed with sweat and saltwater) can create acne. Overall, our surfers could not and would not shut up about how obsessively they adore the Erika.

The Cons

Our surfers struggled to find criticisms of the Erika, but one noted that, for her, there was simply more fabric than she was used to and she didn’t like having the fabric come so far up towards her neck. The Erika is also less adjustable than the Marine and our one-pieces, so make sure you get the Erika in a size that is comfortable around the side-boob and your neck.

The Fit

Our surfers found the Erika to be true to size and as a rule of thumb, you should get the Erika in the same size as you buy your sports bras. If in doubt, unless you have a smaller cup size (which could allow the extra material to trap water and create drag) you can size up because the straps in the back will make sure that the Erika stays fixed around your torso. That way, you still benefit from the security of the Erika and can avoid the risk that the Erika will feel too tight on the parts that are not adjustable.

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