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The Originals also simply look damn good. The 19” length lands slightly above the knee on most people (because 17” can look a bit too “hipster” on taller guys, and 21” is a bit too 1990s). The Originals only come in charcoal black because, frankly, that’s the best color for all boardshorts. Also, because the material has cotton in it, the color will inevitably fade over time – and the charcoal black fades in a way that looks rugged and intentional and just good. The Originals come with little touches like the brass-trim and Surf Simply labels & leg embroidery that we love: very cool and understated (if we do say so ourselves).

Size-wise, the Originals run big, so, for example, a slim 32 would definitely wear a size 30. To avoid too much fading and shrinkage, the Originals like being cool-washed and line-dried out of the sun – they definitely should not go in the dryer.

The 19" Originals Boardshorts
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